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Meet Ashley; an avid natural light photographer with nearly 8 years of experience. She has always had a knack for photography but it wasn't until her dad's passing that her photography really took on a deeper meaning. While portraiture is Ashley's specialty, she am also passionate about boudoir and wedding photography.

Each one of her photo shoots is unique; She takes shoots from conception and direction to a final image. She is also an experienced stylist with an eye for detail. She loves color coordinating outfits for families.

Situated between Rhode Island and New Hampshire, Ashley works on-location in Boston, Massachusetts. However, she would never turn down the opportunity to travel!

Ashley's process is to capture your vision and execute lighting and composition to create a gallery of images that tell your story.

When she's not looking through her viewfinder, you will find her posted up on her couch watching HGTV, while eating far too much Chinese food. Another one of her guilty pleasures is watching Netflix with her husband and rescue cats!

Curious what to expect in a session with me? Read all about the experience here.

Photography by: Victoria Trogani

behind sysp

What is the meaning behind the name sea you smile?

My dad loved to fish. He would take me and my mom to Castle Island, in Boston, all of the time. I still remember our weekly fishing trips (just me and him). I'd help my dad put the bait on the rod, throw the line and impatiently wait (I mean, I was a kid, ha). When I caught my first fish, I was pretty young (maybe 6) and I still remember the joy it brought to my dad's face... he was so proud. 

My dad spent all of his extra time seaside, which is why I chose "SEA" as opposed to "see". As for the smile part, I wanted to let clients know that capturing smiles is what brings me joy, just like fishing brought joy to my dad's life.

How did you come up with the name?

I was actually scrolling through "nautical business name lists" and came across fishing boat names. "See Me Smile" was one of the options, and I knew that was I wanted to re-brand as, only with a bit of my own twist.

How do you cope with depression?

Simple. Photography, Nannying and an (excellent) Support System!

I love capturing memories that people can cherish daily. Seeing the joy on people's faces when I capture their most precious candid moments, is the reason I do this. Even on my worst days, a session with a client always puts me in a better mood. Don't get me wrong, I still have my days when I feel like my world is caving in, but I know my dad would want me to push forward, and that keeps me going. On the flip side, there's a special joy to watching a child grow and having an impact on how they grow. I love being a mentor, a teacher and generally someone child will look up to when they need to make a tough choice. Children were my first passion, and will always be, but photography is a close second. 

Plus, now I live to make him (and my mom) proud. I know he's looking down on me saying "that's my girl" <3

Do you struggle from depression and need someone to listen? Let's be friends :)

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